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The name's Mark, although Mark-Anatoly IV or Rolz will do too. I'm a physics student from Moscow, Russia expressing my interest in grotesque world of the 41st millennium by putting together tiny plastic men. Other hobbies of mine include photography, roofing, history and eating way too much olives at one go.

My favorite 40k factions include Orks, Imperial Guard, Inquisition, Mechanicus, Nurgle-themed Chaos cults with an occasional minor xenos like Kroot thrown in. Conversion and scratch-building are definitely my favorite parts of the hobby, but i still play relatively regularly, if not highly competitively.


I accepts commissions for conversions and scratchbuilding - examples of my work can be found in the blog. The price hugely depends on how much I like the idea, but in theory I'm open to any projects - don't hesitate to write. Some interesting covnersion ideas can be found here. The shipping cost and time from Russian Federation also plays a part, so keep that in mind. If you're against using home-cast parts or putting the end result on display in this blog, please let me know in advance.


You can shoot me an e-mail at markanatoly@gmail.com
Or write a message in one of these forums: 
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